Version 2.2.0 is released

Version 2.2.0 is now officially released.
Please read the release notes carefully and once a again, please create a backup.


Required upgrades

  • PTTracker (
  • PTNotifications (

What’s up with Bitmex?
Bitmex can be used by anyone with a multi-exchange license, but it was not tested as good as I would like and there are some small display issue that made me decide to tag is as BETA.
So don’t go all in just yet. Be safe.

Can I short on Bitmex?
No, as per our roadmap. We will officially introduce shorting in 2.3 for all exchanges. But if my testing reveals that the current implementation we have if good enough Shorting for Bitmex can be released sooner. As a bit of the logic is already there.

Can I use leverage on Bitmex?
Yes, you can use leverage on Bitmex, but you will need to set a special property in where you confirm that you know the risks of leverage trading.

Where are the Signal Providers?
Signal Providers will be added to our shop in the next 48 hours.

Release Promotion
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