2.3.3 – Released

  • GUI Fixes
    • Add STATS page (More stats will be added as they come)
    • Remove PRO tools page. (Use standalone version if you want PtTracker)
  • Fixes
    • Add logic to prevent bot from losing BNB price when a dust amount is removed from the coin (let’s see how this works)
    • Add logic to prevent Bot from losing coins prices if commissions are received for a coin (let’s see how this works)
    • Change Binance websocket reconnection time and logic for when websockets have problems
    • Fix DCA_ignore_buy_trigger should be DCA level specific
    • Fix LASTDCABUY strategy should not check a last DCA buy if it’s the first DCA
    • Fix buy on first signal property causing some buys to fail due to a range being defined
    • Fix when using multiple signal providers sometimes certain signals are skipped
    • Zip and download config instead of downloading 3 files