2.3.2 – Released

  • Bittrex Temp fix for last week API changes
    • Slow down Bittrex requests to fix 429 errors. (Try to use less indicators and less pairs simultaneously to get the best of things)
    • Set/Increase the throttle options in application.properties to increase the bot speed if needed
    • We are looking into 2 more permanent solutions
  • Fixes
    • Remove STOCHRSI as it was deprecated in 2.2
    • Add some trace logging to debug users with disappearing/reappearing pending orders
    • Fix ignore buy trigger not working correctly
    • Fix migration causing sell and buy log data to become corrupt
    • Fix the DCA_max_trading_pairs logic. Only start DCA on a new pair if the current DCA pair is sold or disappears for 2 minutes from the DCA log
    • Display a tag when sales strategies and buy strategies are empty to prevent the GUI from breaking
    • Fix direct_signal buy price is not being recorded in the buy log
    • Split buy/sell formula in 2 lines on the GUI
    • More DB performance fixes
    • Some minor fixes
  • Beta PRO features fixes
    • Hide unimportant values like (true trailing…) from buy and sell logs for advanced stats