2.2.9 Released

  • Scripts
    • New linux-update.sh (This one can backup the DB on each update)
    • New pm2-ProfitTrailer.json
    • New Run-ProfitTrailer.cmd
  • Fixes
    • Added some of the missing Basic config properties.
    • Add new logging property¬†logging.live_stoploss_trigger_update = true
    • Log when trailing stoploss starts and every minute if it moves up we log that too. When property set to true we log every time it moves up. No need to wait 1 minute
    • Fix if a coin price is lost temporarily if causes DCA max pairs to be overextended
    • Fix a chart data action indexOutOfBoundsException
    • Fix BitMEX signals cannot be processed correctly
    • Fix BitMEX indicators only update after the candle closes
    • Optimize the way we recognize the BASE market for a pair.
    • Use orderbook profit calculation with trailing stoploss. Should help with closer to reality triggers
    • Fix PT cancelling pending buy orders (We never should touch buy orders) when cancel_pending_trigger is set
    • Fix trailing buy and trailing profit may trigger prematurely without trailing all the way in some cases