2.2.6 Released

  • Scripts
    • New linux-update.sh (This one can backup the DB on each update)
    • New pm2-ProfitTrailer.json
    • New Run-ProfitTrailer.cmd
  • Fixes
    • Display your active products in the GUI (Calendar icon)
    • Reset Button can now be used with live bots too
    • Fix incorrect DUST value displayed when a coin is sent to pending
    • Fix old price displayed in some case when people buy/sell on the exchange instead of the bot.
    • Change method of opening the database to help against database closed error messages
    • Fix prevent coin from being accidentaly sold if bought_price is lost.
    • upgrade http library to stop the binance leak messages (hopefully)
    • Fix a problem with bought prices not being set using hotconfig when coins come back from pending outside of the bot.
    • Fix prevent BNB from losing price easily when not using BNB to pay for fees
    • Some more bitmex display issues fixed
    • Revert buy and sell buttons when in shorting mode