2.2.3 Released


  • Change average calculator to persist the average price we calculated last so it does not lose it so easily.
    • Price calculation may lose price if the amount of coins is higher than what we previously had stored (too much commission, cancel pending outside of bot, deposit coins)
  • Remove the 30 seconds restriction on Manual Buys/Sells.
  • Return service unavailable error when the bot is shutting down and it’s api is still being accessed.
  • Fix testmode tradehistory is fetching live tradehistory causing price loss
  • Fix price gets lost when orders are cancelled to be merged
  • Fix error when selling DCA pairs manually causing the data not to be logged correctly
  • Different bug fixes
  • BitMEX beta fixes
    • Rewrite bitmex api to prevent bans and better error handling
    • Fix multiple display problems with Bitmex
    • Fix bug preventing buys even when initial cost is enough to buy 1 contract
  • Signals fixes/additions
    • Log all new signals received to the log file (We don’t really need the server.log_signals anymore)
    • Display your active signal providers in the PT log when booting. (Will be added to the GUI soon)
    • Do not mark as sell signal as processed if not all coins were sold.
    • If cost is specified in the signal template on TradingView we use that and calculate the amount to buy based on the cost
    • Users can give SIGNAL buy strategy a label just like any other buy strategy. Specify label=’blablabla’ in your TV message or via the API
    • Signals will display in the buy log or sell log in most cases what providers a signal came from
    • Allow signals to be send to a seperate discord channel to prevent clogging the normal channel discord.new_signal_notification_channel